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History :
  • Maratha Samaj, Sangli is a social welfare trust,established in the year 1940 with a social transformation cause of the Maratha Samaj.
  • It is registered under Mumbai public trust act on 24th July 1947.
  • During early establishment period, key people in the Maratha Samaj started coming together,for exchange of thoughts, establishing contacts,celebrating festival such as Vijayadashmi, Makarsankranti etc. which build a sense of togetherness in the Samaj. This propelled the organization forward & more and more people stared joining the force & started participating in the social activities of the organization The key people whose contribution were significant in the preliminary stage were Shri Jyotiramdada Patil (Sawardekar), Shri. Rajabhau Savant, Shri. Madhavrao Shinde, Shri. Madhavrao Kadam, Shri. Rajaram Kshirsagar, Shri. Govindrao Bhosale, Shri. Martand Karlekar vakil, Shri. B.G.Naik.
  • To establish the roots of the organization, Shri. Vasantraodada Patil (former chief Minister of Maharashtra) & Shri. Jyotiramdada Patil (Sawardekar) along with others made several contributions for sustaining and developing the organization’s cause for social transformations.
  • The organization was established with a vision to bring religious equality, propagate humane moral thinking among its members.
  • The registered building is located in prime area of the city and also has 20,000 sqft capacity hall.
  • The organization works afar from politics for a social reformation, and has been working for the past 40 years.